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Want to improve your ability to sell your services to your clients?

Do you

  • Know you are losing sales because your selling skills are weak
  • Get frustrated when someone says ‘I will think about it’
  • Get more ‘no’s than the ‘yeses’ you would like
  • Hate pushy sales people and don’t want to be like them
  • Find prospecting, asking the right questions and closing hard
  • Have a disorganised sales process that wastes time and effort

What are sales mistakes costing you?

If you are a small business owner and your business is dependent on your ability to get clients you need to be great at selling. £1,000 in sales revenues are lost every day because of confidence issues, poor communication, a lack of understanding, no clear sales process, slow follow up and an inability to close the deal.

Many easy to rectify mistakes are being made and preventing those with great products and services getting the clients they really deserve.

If you are honest with yourself are you or members of your team making mistakes that are costing you the clients that you need to grow your business?

Could you and your team be much better at selling and if you were, what could that mean to your business success?

Sales Coaching to Win More Clients

Any serious sporting competitor who wants to win wouldn’t dream of not having a coach to help them maintain and improve their performance, so how come so many start a business and put together a great offering and then never learn any sales skills to give themselves the best possible chance of winning business.

Is it time to invest in improving your skills?

The ‘Selling without Selling’ formula

Our proven ‘Selling without Selling’ formula will make it easy for you to sell to your clients without feeling like you had to push. If you learn and put into practice our system you will find yourself looking forward to helping clients as opposed to chasing and cajoling them. It will be comfortable and effective and you will be in control of your sales process once and for all.

Increased Sales Results

We have helped 100’s of clients improve their sales approach and increase sales results by using our formula.

‘The programme has made me better organised with my sales activities and as a result I have added around 180 new customers over the 9 months which has added £24,000 to the bottom line.’

John Hunter - Premier Window Cleaning Services

‘The course has enabled me to put a structure together for our lead generation and sales process. It has been invaluable. I have attracted 6 new customers worth a total of £12,000. This is more about how many customers I will attract from now onwards with my new enlightened approach.’

Ian Smith - Winning Tenders Ltd

This course has changed my approach to running a business. I now have a much clearer understanding of how my service solves peoples’ problems. As a results of improving my sales approach, I have attracted 7 new clients worth £17,000.

Jack Milner - Training

How to learn our ‘Selling without Selling’ formula

If you want enjoy better sales results by learning and applying our success formula to your business

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